• Upon payment you agree to have read & understood all terms and conditions.
  • Once payment has been received in full you will be put in direct contact with the provider to arrange a time to connect online. 


  • First time clients require a 2 hours long online photo editing session
  • 1 hour long sessions can be booked by repeat clients, who have completed 2 hours of initial tuition
  • To extend the length of an online editing session, payment will need to be made prior. Please enquire with the experience provider for billing options.


  • It is expected that all required software is installed prior to the start of the online session. 
  • Minimum software requirements are the latest versions of Team Viewer, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Camera RAW & Adobe Lightroom Classic
  • Optional software such as Adobe Bridge can also be installed 
  • Please let the experience provider know in advance if you are having trouble acquiring the necessary software
  • Please discuss with the provider in advance if you wish to engage in tuition using alternative photo editing software


  • An adequately powerful PC or Laptop computer is required for this experience. Refunds or time extensions will not be given if photo editing tuition is interrupted or cannot proceed due to inadequate performance of computer equipment.
  • A fast and reliable internet connection is needed for the photo editing tuition to proceed. Refunds or extensions will not be given if photo editing tuition is interrupted or cannot proceed due to inadequate internet connection.
  • All experiences are weather dependant so please have a backup date in mind when booking 


  • Once a booking has been confirmed, changes to booking are at the discretion of the experience provider
  • If an arranged photo editing session is unable to run due to power or internet outages, the client will be given the option of a booking transfer
  • Refunds will be given at the discretion of the experience provider if the client needs to cancel outright for unforeseen circumstances.
  • Refunds will not be given if the experience is interrupted or cancelled due to inadequate computer equipment or poor internet connection
  • Tuition fees are 50% non-refundable for any refund given on request of the client and for any reason. However, the penalty fee will contribute to the total balance due if the client re-books at any time in the future. In this case please contact the provider directly
  • A rescheduled photo editing session or full refund will be offered if the provider needs to cancel the booking outright due to unforeseen circumstances.


  • Clients are solely responsible for their own safety, comfort and wellbeing during the experience
  • The provider does not accept any responsibility for the client's personal discomfort, illness, injury or damage to client’s property
  • Intoxicated individuals will be excluded from the experience and will not receive a refund
  • The provider will not tolerate harassment/abuse of any kind. Refunds will not be given if experience is cut short for these reasons
  • Any media received from the service provider as a result of engaging in online photo editing tuition remains the sole intellectual property of the provider and shall not be reproduced, on-sold, shared or used for anything other than private personal use by the client in attendance of the online photo editing session. Failure to abide may result in legal action.